While you are travelling abroad to board your ship there may be many issues raised during your 9 months contract, STC always helps in every situation to save your unexpected travel cost.

We will offer you an online digital card/e-pass, so that you can redeem it anytime, anywhere in the world with a value of Rs 30000/- and can book itself directly from our travel website.
Seaman's Documents will be required for membership as a valid Seaman Book, Passport, Visa, Company contract letter, ILO, MLC 2006 and Medical Certificate.
Only Fresher, AB, Oiler , Cadet GS, up to 2nd officer are eligible to use Marine Airfare with Free Flight Ticket, these crew can take benefits of our offers.
Mariners get the benefit of paying special negotiated marine Airfare rates, very less cancellation fee and they get benefit of 30KG / 2PC baggage allowances in our platform.
We offer 24 hour booking services via any of our worldwide offices, all of our offices owned and supported by FLYBIRD TOURISM TEAM and are not sub contracted by any concessions. Also, you can book flights directly from our website and mobile app.
Join seaman travel club for Free and to become a member pay Registration fee Rs. 2999 + GST/ Seaman Traveler yearly ( Non-Refundable).
You can pay through any mode of transaction as- Company Account bank transfer, NEFT, online transfer, Credit card. Website Payment gateway. or online link from website.
Seaman Travel Club card is valid for only newly registered seaman, it can be avail for one time services and offers.
The Seaman Travel Flyers can book flight during Sign Off via call or 24x7 WhatsApp dedicated services at 7388222244 or Email: [email protected]
The Seaman Travel Flyer will be booked at least 72 Hours prior to scheduled departure. All Airlines are subject to availability for booking on minimum 30 days prior information.

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Established in 2017, the Seaman Travel Club has earned numerous recommendations by marine officials. We are India’s first seaman club with the largest seaman travel agency outreach and online presence. Our travel covers and member benefits are renowned in the industry and so is our beloved team.