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 Seaman marine fare

Seaman marine fare

A seafarer possessing a seafarer’s book making a trip to join or leave a vessel while on the job can take the advantage of seaman marine fare which most airlines provide for our beloved seafarers.

The seaman marine fare is also applicable to the staff utilized to take a shot at a vessel who is certainly not an enlisted sailor however who is added to the manifest. 

Spouse/Children of a sailor marine charge going to/from vessel and who has been added to the boat’s manifest. They should have a letter of approval on a letterhead of the transportation organization or voyage line which affirms that the traveler is joining the boat to meet dynamic team part, expressing the traveler’s name, the date of movement just as the name and the area of the vessel and its objective ports and the group part’s situation of work ready. There are no limited passages for young people and infants.

Professionals such as Administration Engineers, Contractors, venturing out to/from vessel to complete work on a vessel whether in a harbor or adrift can utilize the seaman marine fare.

People occupied with a repositioning of semi-subs or penetrating apparatuses that are not being towed yet can move under its own capacity. Said people must be in control of sailor’s book or a letter or agreement endorsed by the support dispatching organization or boss on organization headed paper, expressing the accompanying:- 

  • Traveler Name. 
  • Objective. 
  • Reason for movement. 
  • Name of the vessel. 
  • Port of Registry. 

We are offering best travel services for marine crew for any sector in this world. Now seaman travel club is only one company who provides best services under one roof for Indian marine crew. This is a basic letter, some type of words to utilize might be:- ‘Our worker (Name of traveler) is venturing out to (Destination) to attempt deal with the MV (Name of Vessel) enlisted in (Port of Registry) and is qualified for utilize marine toll tickets’.

You can benefit from a number of services once you become a member of the club.

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